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Roakus Electro: electrician in Belgium/Geel

Are you looking for a skilled electrician in the Antwerpen area?
Because of our location at the Geel near the Westerlo, we can serve you quickly and cheaply!

Roakus has years of experience in the field of electrical engineering,Electronic engineering, Auto Electronic and I.C.T where service, quality and a good price are paramount.

We can fully install, maintain and check electrical installations and electricity, so that you can be sure that your lighting, equipment and installations are working properly and are safe.

You can also call on us if you suffer from a power failure.
We resolve the malfunction professionally and quickly.
Our electricians work in the Antwerpen area.

Your professional partner for:
1. Installing, maintaining and checking electricity
2. Electrical installations
3. Clear power outage
4. Lighting
5. Smoke detectors and intercom systems


Professional electricians

Roakus works exclusively with skilled, well-trained electricians.
Every electrician has his own specialization, so at Roakus you can be sure that you get expertise and quality.

We therefore provide a standard 2-year guarantee on our work.
Are you looking for a professional partner for work in the field of electricity and electrical engineering?

Roakus has many years of experience in installing, maintaining and checking electricity.
We install lighting, fuse boxes, smoke detectors, intercom systems, Badge systems and electrical installations at an excellent price-quality ratio.
Our electricians are active in the Antwerpen area.
Roakus Electro BV is a certified installer and recognized training company .